This is a work in progress. I accelerated the launch in a moment of global crisis.
Thank you for being here.

Arielle Cohen is a digital community organizer, communications strategist, media maker, and agitational propagandist.

Genuinely sincere wholesome Jewish radical.

Pronouns: she/her/her

Fun Facts:

Location: Philadelphia, PA, US 
Birtday: Nov. 24th (Born on Thanksgiving)
Sun: Sagittarius  
Moon: Gemini
Rising: Leo
Favorite Tarot Card: The World

“a young woman with fast flow and long garnet hair, made her debut on Occupy Wall Street.”

Frédéric Autran, Special Envoy in Pittsburgh – In Pittsburgh, “we know that socialism is possible” janvier 2018 

“She’s fierce. She’s alive. She’s potent. She’s gone. She’s going.”

Eve Ensler, The NCJW Washington Institute March 2010